losing the natural balance of dreams

Losing the natural balance of dreams

On the very old decrepit wooden bench,
Situated beside where two tables and intimates
Commence their day after day academic existence,
You are sitting with that certain angelic poise,
Gliding through the yellowed chapters of a natural balance
In illumination.
Akin to the concealing clouds, underneath
Your immeasurable propensity to be esteemed,
You waft them clear,
Unbelievably with ease.
This intense intimacy overcasts
The man you frequently confer
With words,
Words that can settle any ecstasy of the heart,
As I am peeled to gradually confess
An intention of reimbursing
My unreciprocated fondness.
The truth that life denies some love to be realized,
The flurrying immensity of this
Tambayan uproar
Drowns me to keep my sadness
From overflowing;
Watching you,
Day after day across two-table measures,
Breeze through the yellowed chapters of some college book,
And with your eyes
Focused on the semblance I assume to be –
But the possibility of it all is adrift,
As this man’s existence steals away

My thoughtless, clouded dreams.

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