random replies

when are they leaving?
but of course, i
was unable to drop by
not that i forgot
but i just wasn't.

the apparent lack of options to leave and the obvious, of leaving.
we all know that.

and just as you are,
with the same reasons,
regularly like... you.

and why do you know?
as it is you to show and disappear at times unexpected
or simply never to

as i am told that i am
naturally that - bad
hurts - not to finally deny the possibility that i
may really be that - bad.
rather too early to be sentimental about -
your paranoia from your belief of normalcy

but there is a good point at what you said, that that is how i am or may be
and to mull this over - nights - while
looking far away from my window under the soft douse of a full moonlight...
or not the moon, but all the same,
to mull this over,

if there is a normal somewhere around the different you's i still recognize.
i'm staying until midnight.

with pleases you know i easily get scared
with random imaginations at hyperactive shadows at nights!

do unto them before they do unto you -
their default, our weakness
a lasting paranoia against selflessness in a dog-eat-dog urbanity
for a mistaken principle at survival

randomly applies.

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