i must be cursed

he told her just now that he must be cursed - fated to live a life of loneliness - praying that she might understand and offer solace within her plush bosoms. "i would love to see. i am prevented from seeing." he heard a melody play in his mind saying that he should accept and learn to be what is - a shriveling slug.

"i am a shriveling slug." it slithered - plopped out through his mouth. "maybe not."

a song replayed telling him like bird he should fly.

"i am a bird that should fly." he waved his arms wide and far. feeling somehow his feet lift from the ground, he waved harder in fluid motion, closing his eyes, he permitted his arms to take him away.

jumping from a three-floor building, he fell.

"i must be cursed - fated to live a life of loneliness." foolishness, she whispered.

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