from pakse to vientiane: saravane/khammouane roads

from the first point i made my first step, the dust swamped the humid air.

i was told, take the short road to comfort,

but life said,
long roads may take men and women nowhere and anywhere,

lost and beaten, tired and weighed,
long roads take you to me

and the comfort of knowing you have me.

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Unknown said...

Hi Bong!
nice to met u.
ខ្ញុំសូមជំរាបសួរបង! ថ្ងៃបានចូលមកដល់ប្លុក​របស់​បង​ ដោយបានឃើញបងចូល​ទៅលេង​ក្នុង​ប្លុក​ខ្ញុំៗ​ក៏បាន​ចូលមក​ ហើយក៏បាន​ស្គាល់។ សូមការរាប់​អានផង។