doctor says

your cholesterol level is high. your sugar level is high. your uric acid level is high. your triglyceride level is high. no pizza, also no cheese. lessen the salt which means no kfc, no mcdonalds. no baboy (pork). no liver and internal organs which i know you eat. no sugar. i will set an appointment next month to see if your levels have improved.

but doctor, i am going home to the philippines by the end of this month. i am bound to eat all of those almost everyday while there.

well we'll have to see where your priorities are.


Willow said...

the more i eat, the more hungry I get. Try portion control :)

norrbu said...

everything in moderation arcibald.

arcibaldo said...

@willow... i also noticed that. yes portion control. and make my tummy yearn less and less each day.

@norrbu... moderation. and i'll need to get back to being physically active again.