night time commute (11042011)

...on a firetruck traversing the flood in rachayothin to central latprao one evening (november 4, 2011)


norrbu said...

wow - at first I thought this is great, venice like, then I realized the whole street was flooded.

Willow said...

i heard the paint on the walls start peeling off..

hope things are better..

arcibald said...

@norrbu - there were certain times of the day when everything looked sadly and quietly beautiful. i've managed to take plenty of videos and photos, and hopefully will manage to bring some of those here.

@willow - the immediate days after the flood were really terrible - the bad smell that stuck, the darkened soil, dead plants, yes peeling paint and moldy walls... things have improved but it is also evident how the flood has affected a lot of small businesses around.