coming home

much as he was afraid, there was no describing, not even a bit of telling, the anticipation he was feeling as soon he was to meet the people that resided in the island, as unknown to both of them, that relations in between them could have been in fact be bound by deeper ties than mere chance acquaintances. it was no home to him, as it never did cradle him in its warm arms to awakening, but it did comfort him, greatly, that whatever secrets the island held, or mysteries it withheld, he felt at ease, as if he was finally coming home to a land he was about to make his first step on. this was, after all, based on anecdotes from childhood, his unknown roots' home.

note: photo taken in salagdo-ong beach in maria, siquijor


cosmicdust said...

ah! home sweet home!

happy holidays...:)

golda said...

welcome back.we met your parents and sigrid sa wedding ni chi.sabi ng mom mo: "di na namin nakikita un."

haha, wag ka na bumyahe pa sa xmas break.miss ka na ng nanay mo.

arcibaldo said...

cine, thanks. but i'll be leaving again tomorrow for work and will be back on friday.

golda, hahaha yun ba sabi. naku alis ulit ako bukas pero balik din agad. at plan ko talaga umakyat after xmas sa benguet (although may nagyaya na din magsagada)

Anonymous said...

Wow! home is a beautiful island?
*sigh!* I envy you.
Hope you enjoy your Christmas break. I will plod the snowy paths of Nagano woods and dream of your island photos...:-))

cosmicdust said...
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cosmicdust said...

arci> friday's not too far, is it? u got reasons to celebrate...and in a home like that? man, you win the jackpot!

KC> i will walk in the heat of bkk and dream of the snowy paths of nagano woods...:)

arcibaldo said...

hi kc, unfortunately my home is not a beautiful island, or technically speaking, i never grew up in a beautiful island although i have come to understand and know that my grandparents were from here. it sure is an envy to live here (but with climate change in mind, living near the coast seems like not a good idea anymore years from now for my descendants... besides i have enjoyed living in and seeing mountains hahaha)

haven't experienced living with snow around and i'm sure it's as exciting as living in the islands. reminds me of chirstmas songs like dreaming of a white christmas hehehe and will be dreaming of also walking hopefully one day along snowy paths of some woods in christmas, but there's no better christmas than having it with your loved ones.

i'll be posting some more pics from my travels soon as soon as i get them converted from raw format to jpeg.

hi cine, friday did not seem that long and i just got back today from a trip down south in the philippines without noticing the time fly from wednesday to today. maybe i also had fun where i went (and had a good christmas party with colleagues in a beach which is not bad at all!)

now that i'm back and won't be budging to leave home until after christmas (and hopefully spend post-christmas and pre-new year along the mountain ranges in the cordilleras here), i'll have to do some catching up with more christmas parties and lots of drinking. about time to start gulping down the lao beer.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas, dear chrisgel. :-)

the amateur ear said...

Merry christmas, Chrisgel!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!