aged leaves scatter
on a grounded pavement -
dried - crisp - and crackling.

"are we there yet?", the boy asked, impatiently. the sun scalding his skin, scorching the ground - melting like needles remorselessly pricking, ravaging the long stretch to the other end of the coast - the boy had every good reason to ask - impatiently. "a little more" which sounded more like infinitely longer, "a little more."

"we're almost there", the old man said, eyes settled at the waning sun across the brazen sea. "a little more" which sounded as if it were to last to an eternity, the old man patiently waited, "a little more" for the vastness - to flicker out.

a searing sunset,

the auburn sky whispers

a draft of comfort.


cosmicdust said...

this is thick!

'a little more'...and the light will go out?

arcibaldo said...

hi cine. an image of an old man and his grandson who i saw in one coastal town here the other weekend somehow influenced this. an afternoon with the sun at its peak and the impatience or eagerness of a young person vis-a-vis the setting sun with the old man patiently waiting for his time - "a little more" for the sun to set, and "a little more" before his life sets.

i couldn't post the pictures still (already have a lot pending) due to a lot of other things to finish.

Anonymous said...

asteeg. galing naman nito.

cosmicdust said...

aren't we all waiting for 'a little more', be it hope or sunset or sunrise?

anyway, i love those haikus...!!!

arcibaldo said...

jae. salamat. di naman siguro asteeg o galing.

cine. true, seems to be in our endless search for satisfaction, there's always "a little more" above what we have right now. and when there's "a little more", there's always something to look forward to, however short the time or small the size.
and i like the image of waiting "a little more" for hope, sunset or sunrise. images that make moments in life priceless.