anguib, sta. ana, cagayan

commercial developments have not reached to a minimum extent a hidden cove in sta.ana cagayan which houses the anguib beach. fortunate for those who still look for the more or less virgin state of a precious natural location, and long for a rugged travel either by boat on rough waters or land transport on rough roads. not fortunate enough for those wanting an easy way out (or in) to a boracay-like nook with boracay-like commercial establishments. as i was told, developments might already come pouring in where half of the location is owned by enrile, and the remaining parts... i'm not really sure.

before, the cove can only easily be reached by boat. now one can traverse rough roads... being developed allegedly for plans for mining activities around the area, which have been a big cause for concern for local residents. i'm particularly worried about the old-growth mangrove cover that beheld me on a motorbike to the beach.

how i got here:
12 hour bus ride from manila to gonzaga, cagayan (a non-stop 7pm florida bus in sampaloc terminal took almost 12hours to arrive in gonzaga); an hour jeep ride from gonzaga to sta.ana sentro cagayan, and a free motorbike ride from sentro to anguib beach. (there are no regular public transportation to the cove, one can either rent a motorbike/car or hire a driver to go there by land. an alternate route is to take a tricycle to san vicente port and hire a motorized boat.)

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chin chan said...

may araw ka din sa akin cagayan. thanks for sharing