free night to the hunchback's sanctuary

fortunately, session had ended early allowing a free night for either catching up on sleep or taking the rounds in the city. nearly tempted to call it a night for a much needed resetting of both mind and body, the sunday night was to be a rare occasion in the remaining days not to go around and understand why they named the city the city of light. pigalle was a popular option but persistent thoughts about the hunchback's sanctuary overthrew any ideas of visiting the city's red light district.

so started what was initially thought to be only less than an hour walk along the seine river to the notre dame church which is really an almost two hour brisk walk (including short stops to certain landmarks). not an entirely bad thing considering four days of sitting an average of ten hours a day. given that it was already past seven when i started walking from the hotel, i reached the destination by dark with most night shots riskily taken handheld.

i could still have visited pigalle were it not for the sleep i very much needed to endure three more days of long sessions. there will still be one last night for this one, and the whole morning to mid afternoon before my flight home on the ninth.

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