renewing quality time

maybe it had become part of my unconscious effort to build some sort of a plan for 2009, could be a wish list, not much of a resolution, but more about the what needs to be done... or better, what i want done for 2009... primarily due to the fact that years pass by with an unseamless feeling of "i could have done more" or "i dilly-dallied too long", we are not getting any younger, and growing older demands that life be lived with less regrets, rearranging the mindset from working with "no mistakes" to living "more discoveries" and "more learnings and experiences".

part of this list is to renew my quality time with a lot of facets of my life, which include the others that make me the i that i am.

a seemed to have realized this while spending a few minutes, lying on an old stone bench, while allowing himself to be engulfed by the vastness of the night above him. it was a simple plan... for him to renew quality time, and in that discover the significance of the selves and the others, the solitude and the connections, the steps forward and the learnings of the past.

start with the bookshelves. learn to find himself while immersed with the birthing text.

start with his solitude. look inside himself and find relevant meanings for his way onwards.

start with his sadness, his happiness, connections and relationships, love and a woman.


xaisongkham said...

Happy New Year. Nice photos you have here.

arcibaldo said...

thanks. happy new year too.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!
Profound! And sounds exactly what i could use use as well. The discovery that i need to stop beating myself up. Feel like I have lost my self with this constant urge to make best use of "time", constant deadlines self-imposed, that I'd forgotten how to just live without the nagging guilt of "wasting time". I missed what is important in my "race against time". But i have no courage to just shed it all, and shake the insecurities from just learning how to take life at my own pace in the world i live now. That's my challenge. The thing is, if i just change places, the pace of life automatically would be easier to re-adjust, but the real challenge lies in trying to find a balance to have that "all"... am I being greedy? :D

Again, Happy New Year, and sorry for turning this comment into an epistle. :))

arcibaldo said...

hi kc, happy new year too.
same here, seems that i've been cooped up with time that i allow it to control my life rather than letting myself seize what can potentially make my life better in time.