a turning point arrives

"have you ever come to that point in a life when you have to make real life choices... that life can't really about going with the flow and the tides, at some point you have to make a life decision to go against the flow and break the waves. break the monotony of playing life safe, living the comfort zone. seems that i have played life safely, with merely a vague direction, almost purposeless. seems an irony when one seeks to seize the days and lose track of a deeper purpose."

"mahirap tumingala at mamingwit sa bituin, pataas kung mangisda sa karagatang madilim."

"have you ever thought of just disappearing, leaving all baggages behind, for such time to come back with a different fresher perspective on life, on the world... i think about it a lot of times, but afraid that what you'll be leaving behind won't be there anymore when you come back. could be part of the sacrifice of emptying life baggages... is to come back with life anew. as though you were resetting life, rebooting the world."

"seems your turning point is nearly there, and when you arrive at that point, you'll have to decide for yourself your life choice..."

"my turning point has always been here. here for already a longer time i can imagine. i have been delaying making that..."

"you can always decide to remain."

"and we all need to come of age, mine is waiting."

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