sátántangó (1994)

yes, she said to herself softly. the angels see this and understand. she felt serene and the trees, the road, the rain and the night all breathed tranquility. everything that happens is good, she thought. everything was, eventually, simple.

she recalled the previous day and, smiling, she realized how things are connected. she felt that these events aren't connected by accident, but there's an indescribably beautiful meaning bridging them.

and she knew she wasn't alone for all things and people, her father upstairs, her mother, her brothers, the doctor, the cat, these acacias, this muddy road, this sky, this night down here depend on her, just as she herself depends on everything.

she had no reason to be worried. she knew well that her angels had set out for her.

a notably long 7 and 1/2 hour film. completed watching during free time in a span of four days. directed by bela tarr. from the novel written by laszlo krasznahorkai.

that was all.

and for the tender sound of an accordion the spiders in the pub launched their last attack. they sewed loose webs on top of the glasses, the cups, the ashtrays, around the legs of the tables and the chairs.

then they bound them together with secret threads so that in their hidden corners they notice every little move and every little stir until this almost invisible web is not damaged.

they sewed a web on the sleepers' faces, their feet, their hands. then hurried back to their hiding--place, waiting for an ethereal thread to move to start it all again.

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