leaving once

A "it's because i left the city raining, minus a pair of shoes, and with my sanity still intact. these were last year's, less than a couple of months more til they celebrate their first anniversary. i managed to find them still sitting in my hard drive.

"i did leave the city raining, managed to lose a favorite pair of adidas trail shoes a couple of nights before my going away, and also still managed to explore more than what's usual, lao style. ຂ້ອຍຊອກຫາເມຍ.

"almost three months have passed since i last set foot out of place. anyone (someone) still waits (hopefully). much of what could and should have been were lost and left in transit, on the roads. as we should in our lives take our pauses too, even for a while, to see and find what we are already missing. dahil sa minsanan, baka may dapat di nakaligtaan. at sa pinalagpas na panahon, di na mabalikan pa."

B "iba din siguro ang pakiramdam na di ka na nagiisa bumyahe sa buhay. yung alam mo ding may babalikan ka na."

(photos... luangphrabang, may 2008)

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