motocross in bayawan city

february 22, 2009... i was told bayawan recently held its fiesta, and, could be, as part of the festivities, the city organized a motocross race for amateur and professional bikers. fortunately, i was in bayawan to witness and watch one live for the first time, which somehow awakened a childhood interest for motocross (which i was able to watch often in channel four in my younger years, but almost died in view of the very remote possibility of even learning to drive a motorbike then). now, almost in my thirties, the interest might just be revived now that i am gradually learning the basics of driving one.

we reached the race site, the newly built bus terminal in bayawan, just about when the women bikers started racing, and left almost after around two hours of watching and moving around for better views, while the sun was at its scorching peak.

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