the only future that all of us can be certain of having is the fact of dying and death, and
i seem to have trapped myself in a spiraling affair with dying.

i must stop the smoking. it has increased the chances of me dying within the week. my lips have shriveled and dried up, it has accumulated the itchy shivers i only get to have with piles of crab allergens. my throat feels dry and itchy too. and coughing the dryness and itchiness has become a pain with the agonizing stiff neck and frozen shoulder. this agony has further prevented me from doing my daily minimum movements against obesity.

i am dying.


Willow said...

how about smoking less each day if going cold turkey doesn't work? oh, you must stop! dad used to smoke a lot and he now wheezes as he breathes. it scares him too.

..don't hurry, we'll die together.

norrbu said...

Nooo. You can't do that. We live. We fight. And because we are good people, we will win. Run, play, write and take your photographs - I'm trying to do that same.

arcibaldo said...

@willow... that's a thought to keep. it'll be nice to die with someone.

@norrbu... good to hear you living and fighting.

tonight, i just found that reason to postpone the dying.