if you ask me

if you ask me about love, mine is first a tragedy - my husband's death ten years ago, and the way i am made now to fill in the shoes of both father and mother, and the breadwinner of a daughter and a son.

then again, love becomes unconditional sacrifice and joy - to see my children grow up proper and hardworking. and love becomes my pledge to keep on living and working - for us to have our fill, for my daughter to finish college, and for my son to push on in high school.

i am proud. proud that at early hours in the morning i drive a taxi and in the afternoon work as a cleaning staff in a hotel. for ten years i have managed well and hard. and you?

you ask me about love. mine is a tragic unrequited loving from a distance. you need not ask more for mine is a love that can never be.


Willow said...

if you ask me, i'd say you are still very young.. a whole life ahead to make all sacrifices ..


Anonymous said...

all sacrifices.

norrbu said...

omg - and I thought I was having a miserable time. This has even more meaning now - can I copy-paste this on my blog ?? Thank you for sharing this.

arcibaldo said...

glad this has helped, i wonder how though.

i think i've gotten used to living in limbo in the meantime, although this weekend, i might just find out what's beyond limbo.

norrbu said...

so can I copy paste it on my blog ??

arcibaldo said...

oh ok