a new year

today was nothing especially special. he somehow achieved his goal to make the day as invisible as a normal day should be. in fact, it was more invisible than any other day could be. that was, however, special in its own way. it was so invisible that he even forgot that the day was not yet over, and there was still time to end the day simply.

people managed to pierce away his shielding cloth. a greeting here. a post there. they never went beyond the number of fingers and toes together. and each one he received mattered even more. it was true how the simplest yet truest solitude can remind one of the sincerity of lasting relationships, personal, online, or otherwise. in that he was deeply thankful. it was unfair, he thought. for others who remembered and never managed. and for others who have simply relied on automated notices.

tonight, he ends with padthai and a simple cake, perhaps as a memento for a simple sweet but spice-filled long life. and to another who also celebrates the day, he toasts the same.

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Anonymous said...

mine was just as invisible as yours and the wishes even fewer, but perhaps it was the best celebration of myself.

Cheers :)