more or less nine hundred pages of jurado to browse through
and thousands of civil code provisions to know by heart before i can move on to the next
thirty-five days from today
four subjects to cram
and on the thirty-sixth, two subject will meet face to face
from eigth a.m. to noon and two p.m to five

then the week after that and the week

after that
up to the fourth

i have less than twenty-four hours of cellphone battery life despite having, in my belief, fully charged iti am twenty-five turning a year
older come march the first of next year
one hundred fourteen first degree contacts in friendster
three brothers and two sisters
three dogs and three cats

a parrot fish

one hundred pesos less each month as i
the accepted two thousand minimum

golda's roughly ten minutes online status in y.m.

and my seven pictures
taken in a span of seven days back
myself away and to

my review.


fifteen circles

one tivoli scenic view

five vases