an almost affair

it was almost like too good to be true, as there he was, arriving with enough time to pray and move about, waiting for her arrival.

at five in the afternoon, the sun was beginning to falter at the far west, sending orange light to skirmish above the sky, and fade into deep blue to the far east. it was almost too good a moment... to capture... with the fading light... two souls drawn together... gazing towards a yonder east, almost under the umbrage of fast- appearing moonlight, for perhaps a blessed future together.

and fifteen minutes past the meeting time, she never came, and he went home, feeling that the moment indeed was too good to be true, and the stars could not be glistened amidst an almost perfect clear darkening sky, and the moon seemed to wane in the far distant abyss, and the sun already fading out of the overpowering night...


in toto

i often have that strange and lingering dream of an unknown woman whom i love and who loves me... and every time, she's neither quite the same nor completely different... and she loves me and understands me... is she a brunette, a blonde or a redhead? i don't know... her name i remember sounds soft and melodious like life's exiled lovers... her gaze is that of a statue... her voice is faraway, calm and low... it has the tone of cherished voices since silenced

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