at 93

the news came as a surprise. it must have been six years since i last visited the college and one thing i have always looked forward to in a possible visit was bumping into her along the shadowed halls and corridors of malcolm hall. it never occurred that one day, at her old frail age but strong will and spirit, she will have to go. i must be one of those who believed that she will outlive us all. reality strikes, and every time i see her photo spread in social sites and electronic groups, i can never find myself resisting and holding back the sadness. 

in her funny wit and sharp tongue during successful and failed recitations, she taught us not only about the civil law and procedure that we can always read in law books, court decisions, and case studies. there was always something about the humor in life found in the cases we studies. there was always the second chances to redeem yourself should you fail to get the first one right. there was always the patience to find creativity to answer and to look for answers, and her years of experience lets her know and lets her bypass the creative fault with a knowing smirk to surprise you with another round. 

you will sorely be missed, but surely immortalized.