you may feel bad about what's happening around us but this is part of life. we feel sadness and pain. we also feel happiness. this is in everything around us, with our attachments in this world. 

nothing is permanent. what is important is what we do now and understanding that it has an effect on everyone around us. each one of us should be responsible enough of our actions that we do not unduly burden the people around us with added sorrow and pain.

it is admittedly difficult. this is why we need to train our minds to focus and find calmness and inner peace.

a great flood is coming

i am now imagining a coming great flood like a horde of zombies slowly approaching the last human stronghold in bangkok.

the warnings and precautions from various social media sites, the news, and personal acquaintances every hour of each day in the last two to three weeks have desensitized me to the reality.


to receive

it feels unnatural.

the man sinks in his wallowing emotional constipations. alas it is fear to bare himself to the innocence of just feeling,