not to end up

it was somehow both reassuring and liberating when he received messages one night from her. that in teasing ways she signified that there were no chains or attachments yet, and in tender reassurances that there was a longing and fondness for mutual companionship. it appeared that he was almost married to an ideal and a principle, and she was simply free to fit in and fill in the almost part. but it could not be enough, in a realization not to end up in the air.


"an octopus ride awaits the wide multi-tasker," said a little shrimp in the face of a dedicated full team of zapping jellyfish coming its way.




it was a delicate hush as she spoke in whispers, "it is time. you have to let me go. it's time for me to cross." i could not manage a word, even a whimper, my hands clutched at hers, resisting any weakness of letting go. "someday you will understand the way of our lives, not today but someday, you too will learn to leave and let go. live for me. live for us." and the wind blew away what remained of her hushed tones, and the waves rescinded what once formed her, and i was merely holding on to what appeared to be sands from the shore, quickly escaping my weakened grasp.


saturday killer (2010)

deceiving movie poster. hilarious moments. dragging moments. quite straightforward.