buckets and bottles

f was hoping that bottles of beer should lift him up from the dredges he was feeling then. he had two already before g arrived. they ordered two buckets of six more. they both appeared they came from a big mess... a big messy unsure and directionless life, g initially mustered to say to officially break the silence of bottles talking. they were headed either to an elevated positivity or to a deeper depression. either way, beer should make them feel, their mood, heightened. since both were feeling rock bottom, g thought they had nowhere to go but feel even downer.

maybe by being there, they will see some semblance of positivity to uplift their wearied souls, a rope of light to grab on and carry them away from their sullied or defiled pit-hole. it must be three bottles speaking. and five bottles for f listening. and they were to spiral further down to g's sixth and f's eight and a multitude of concerns they could file and defile on their beer table.

the hot sauce claimed it was spicier. it was not, even after almost emptying half the bottle of the paste to a sizzling plate of sisig. the kick was faint, and should have claimed sweetest and saltiest red paste. and cappuccino to cap a confused state of sleepiness and wakefulness.


lumbia falls

it tells me i have to have my sensor cleaned again. i told it, some other time when i am more steady. i could point no finger, when time and everything seemed to have stopped while in romblon.


manila lights

we waited for small streaks of light to shoot across the dark sky past midnight, away from manila. i saw maybe three only, with around 10 minutes interval from each other from past one in the morning until before three. it was reported (or i was told) that around 40 to up to 500 should be seen per hour from 11 in the evening until 5 in the morning.


passing through

almost three, he is still passing through this phase, metamorphosing.

he is waiting here. a she is waiting many miles away. they are waiting also.
for how long more?

beep. beep. beep. just passing through, so i don't fall.


sibuyan rainfall

on board m/v maria xxxxx from san agustin in tablas island, romblon to magdiwang in sibuyan island, romblon, rainfall waits as we slowly approach the destination.