a man of the people

the times call for change.

while the aptness
for a more convoluted kind
of graft ~
evidently sensed by an awakened collective,
ignored by the blinded and or the apathetic,
dismissed by the themselves perpetrators,
in the general;

it feels
for a struggle within corrupted institutions with internally feigned ignorance(s).

the times call.


one hundred commemorates

the coronation of bhutan's king in 2008. it signifies 100 years of monarchy, and at the same time marks the country's transformation to democracy.

i received the 100 ngultrum coronation coin in good piece and order this morning, sent from bhutan. my sincere thanks to l. tshering tobgay.


wearing earth shoes

after a two hour trek to halfway camp...

after an hour and a half return trek to barangay ramirez...

halfway camp

after two hours of trekking through a heavy downpour and a mudslide of a trail, we decided to stay halfway to our destination, and enjoy the afternoon, the evening and the next morning, seeing the summit from the campsite.