a c d

sleepless, he did his usual rounds of staring at the ceiling, looking at the faded wallpaper, glancing at the curtains, and searching within himself. he came across possessive friendship. if something did bother him now, it must only be about the exacting demands of a highly emotional and possessive friend. he could think of lessons on acceptance --- accepting the limits of oneself and the limits of others, accepting faults and falsities, truths and realities - giving rise to understanding.

his mind trailed to the past. was there anything he did wrong - he may have and felt sorry, but he also recalled many good things, good things that have easily been ignored, just to prove that he never did care or never gave. for one easily strung in by a polarized emotional discord, he thought he could always take the sacrifice to save what the other thought needed saving - when all those whiles - friendship was always there.