night time commute (11042011)

...on a firetruck traversing the flood in rachayothin to central latprao one evening (november 4, 2011)

...and the flood has receded

i left my apartment early in the morning and was still surrounded by ankle-deep to at most half-leg deep flood. i got back with the road almost dry. somehow, there's something about this flood that i am already starting to miss.

undoubtedly, the flood swept uncountable damage to lives, revenues and properties. when it was half-thigh deep, it seriously inconvenienced me in sudden work trips to airports, lugging around numerous luggages and heavy bags.  

the flood, however, has somehow created equals among non-equals in a normal situation. everyone suffering was in the situation together. if one had a privilege of food and water or flood-capable vehicles, this privilege was a privilege opened and shared. it created a lot of worries and unplanned expenses, but it also gave birth to a remarkable resilience and creativity.

i cannot be certain if the flood-less street of my apartment will remain the same in the days to come. i have heard of news that still a lot of flood water remains in the north. whether it will flood again or not, it also taught us a valuable lesson on adaptation. my legs and feet never did mutate under dirty flood water to have gills and fins, but we all managed. 

(now if only i can also manage to transport videos and photos)