first day

and it must be time to restart touching base with my foundations. lost and distracted... to keep track again on that light, however blurred or faint. it was with a clear purpose and with that to refocus.

tomorrow should mark the notice that not in the country of last things, it is in relearning and rediscovering the double-bladed value of how to be alone that we relearn and rediscover how it is to (re)connect.

while the guitar gently sleeps

in sumilao, bukidnon



i may have wanted to sing that somewhere or connection song
or think of a brightly colored pony galloping over
but underneath i may feel for the leprechaun's a hundred pieces
less or more.
i may have wanted to see more as the band permeated the dividing lines of sky, earth and sea
and maybe dug deeper to an underground or underwater floor.
and where lies the true colors
less or more
somewhere under one rainbow may be another
less and more.


from above

and there's a part of metropolitan manila as i left and flew around noon time...



i have for the longest time longed for a fit, but every time i take a step back to contemplate and analyze the long journey i have traversed, i always end up, stained, wearied and alone.


all ways

there was a push and pull compelling
more than two hours over and under and sideways and midways

i am one step closer or maybe back twenty flights
to finding that rising into fit and proper places
in time and space.

a push and pull compelling
will bring me back home,



the sky is clear tonight and all i can think wishing of is that you also see the same dark sky and same stars that i see, and in that connection we see and find that faint sign of a coming together... in time.



kinilaw-ready, fresh from the coastal sands of tablas island in romblon.


if a bird flew

if a bird flew zipping past through my melodramatic view
i would not notice it as much as i would notice it
were it another clue
(or i would give in)
and give due
for more than a year
i counted gradually losing you.