i gave up years ago

at chances to settle down.

as day forwards to another day
and night bids farewell into an august morning flight,
your face beckons me
to stay
and frolick in our minds' limitless,
and in my mind's ever resuming longingness
for you.
i gave up years ago but your presence hangs,
in a tightrope balance to languish in forlorn images
of ---
in a deft of illumination,
takes delight in the arms of another.

while the day bids good
night brings moon's favor for the non-waking of this
seemingly lost

cac (7-19-2006)


Anonymous said...


is this your writing? i didn't know you were poetic! anyhow, i would like to ask permission to post this in my multiply site. may i? this is yvette...

arcibaldo said...

thanks yvette. i'm not sure what good this will do to your site but you have my permission.