that is why i need to go far away from here. in denial i suppose that i am not ready to leave. or live in the manner that is in four squares compelled to be. i hate to lose me. either way, we still rise from the cocoons we conveniently made-believe for ourselves.

a lot of nonsense from you. again and again. again and again. you're way whacked up up there. creating seeming problems when there really is none, or when really too negligible. making issues of everything. and now, you concoct this cocoon theory. now don't tell me you are now flying in rainbow. what sort of push are you in? are you seeing doubles, triples, millions of shining glittering whatever pieces you seem to piece?

this is no 'i am under the influence of ****. i am just regressing into... instability..

again. hmm... so... what happened?

i almost killed me. almost.

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