the music that plays perhaps no goodbyes

it takes a mary j.blige singing one with u2 to temper anxious thoughts of leaving and saying good-byes. actually, it's the very thought of how to break the news that creates the anxiety and the restless minutes, not even a willy cruz' i'll never ever say goodbye can comfort, or an andrea bocelli's time to say goodbye with sarah brightman. music plays in the mind, yes a sort of miss saigon's the movie in my mind, but a different sort of tune that the ears hear, or vision that the eyes see.

and there she goes, mindful of your presence but with an air of indifferent pretense. you have to leave her too, maybe for a time. you have a calling, still with a mission to fulfill, that only then and there you see your culmination.

damian marley sings, rhymes, and/or raps, we have to keep on walking on the road to zion. the music plays, perhaps of no goodbyes.

you must sing a music that plays no goodbyes.

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