an easy one

it was easy. anyone could have seen through it earlier. it was an easy one from the very start, down to the middle, and towards the main proposal of the messages. but it was easier - too easy for the scammer to have someone fall into the first bait of trust ~ to make someone believe that who that someone was communicating with was a trustworthy colleague ~ with the flexibility of revealing not a bit information from himself about the person he was assuming to be.

it started with a simple, "how is everything? this is my roaming number." "c, is this you?" "yes." from one easy roll into a cascade. simple exchanges into detailed giveaways of trust. "maybe you want to earn extra income. it will be easy." "extra income. maybe not for me. so how will it be?" "it's easy and simple. we can turn 50 to 100 to 150. make 500 to 1000 to 1500. we don't need to do that much. just send me the codes to cellphone reload cards you can buy."

they learned too late. if there was anything valuable here, they could only charge now to experience ~ hopefully not to fall for one again ~ one as easy as this.

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