i was in a wedding yesterday. a lot of people went. most i do not know. all the while i could not stop wishing you were also here - praying our well-wishes and hopes for a meaningful life together. i am referring not only to the newly-weds but also to the possibility that we do find that opportunity, in celebration, to express our humble vows. then, it must only be a slim hope to carry, with the slimness that ever goes slimmer as each day passes - unsure and unknowing whether it should really be.

there were also children. and it feels like time has left us behind. 

months have passed since i last saw you. it could be a few days to months more before you see me again. if there is at all any chance for me, i must have surrendered it the moment i allowed myself with too much preoccupations.

i do hope that in one way or another, we find ourselves again.




gemma said...

this is just sad...
and yet hopeful at the same time.

good luck.

willow said...

what is it about her that's holding you back?

arcibaldo said...

must be the circumstances of time and space that hold him back