the little details

there i was, wanting and expecting the remaining months to just fly by. here i am now, trudging each hour of the remaining months left. plans of moving on are always never simple, especially when there's nothing tangible yet after, when the future holds for you a number of uncertainties. decisions are hardly decisive. options are most of the time floating and vague. still, here i trudge the hours away. here i find time to look back. and after almost 3 years coming back to cebu again for almost a week long meeting, here i find myself absorbing the little details i have surely missed living abroad.

i am not particularly sure what in this place allows me dig for familiar spaces and things. the familiar local language and accents you hear. cinema one in cable. multicabs and taxi rides. christmas light and decors adorning establishments post-christmas month. viva pit senyor. the way couples drag each other on sidewalks and little children and parents populate the malls. my head bleeding after an accidental bump inside a public vehicle. getting lost and getting your way back. the local food and the local taste of international food. local faces.  local decors. then a small fire ignites in me. when i would have thought otherwise, there i find little details.

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