on a long commute (continued)

tuesday night, i found myself lugging a backpack and a shoulder pack to victory bus terminal in kamias for an 11pm trip bound for santiago city in isabela. what normally should have been an 8 hour trip became a 14 hour trip as the bus traversed through the north-eastern roads, waited with other passenger buses and trucks along the nueva ecija snake roads to nueva vizcaya as it slowly managed to overcome one landslide after another. after all, i was heading to a still stormy northern luzon, with 'pepeng' storm still lingering along the northern coasts of the philippines.

arriving in santiago city at around 1pm, i quickly boarded a tricycle for the passenger terminal in fourlanes to catch a van passing through oscariz, dropping there to meet up with j. many rounds of beer after, we toploaded a jeepney to pot-ya in alfonso-lista, where we were to wait for the last trip bus to mayoyao. past 4pm, we boarded the bus and arrived in mayoyao at ten in the evening.

now. typhoon signal no.1. rains keep spattering at around 1,245 meters above sea level. the fog allowed us to take a short peek of the view from the lodge. praying for a clear day tomorrow.

today, i lounge it easy, with the slow paced life here, enjoying slow sips of gin with the cool embracing fog.

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