please send me away

i remember the time you were sent to me for custody. i never knew i had you then, and with whom. it came as a surprise when your five-year old eyes stared into mine, unknowing but with an unexplainable recognition as if they were connected in some way more than the distance that sets them apart. i felt too, mysteriously, that you bear a big fragment of my life.

i should have known... been let known from the time you expressed signs of your maturing conception that i were to become elevated to that generation of new parental obligation. she never spoke. we never spoke again after that one night. i parted to my world, she went to hers, never a time contemplating the possibility that some cookery will connect us once more a time away. five years to be precise.

your eyes tell me more. in that near peak moment she hastened to speak as we hastened to naturally combine our intimacies, "please send me away." i did. and you are here.

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