nature. as it was, as it is, as it will be. that is the dynamic flexibility of nature. it is nature. it is in our nature.

he paused to think. if it must be, there must be distinctions or stratifications or levels in nature as i can never see in my nature to stoop that low.

if only he could continue driving on, until his destination, but cars could not run free. his sanity gone thinner, he could always choose to push the truck to move down a steep decline, though it will definitely send him crashing down.

alas there are people who, for utter baseness, with, apparently, a fancy whim to corrupt others, choose and claim lies, and achieve objectifying their self-acclaimed greatness. such, he thought, brings a developmental downfall. artificial markets, artificial needs, and artificial claims, corporate or personal, work to market specific interests. his story was manipulated to serve as an artificial tool for baseness, as he digressed from focusing on the road to the opened mouth of a tiger. memento mori.

the world opened numerous opportunities. the fly opted to be small, but with the ability to thrive copiously. the cockroach went into ready hiding. and bottom-dwellers.

the car need not run. crowded, they can blend in, he heard. and there is always the sea. vast and seemingly endless.

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